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Sales and Rental

We're your trusted source! 
#Audio/Visual Scroll

Combine professional and commercial equipment with Annidale Sound for your next production event, new construction, restoration, or updating project.

They charged appropriately and didn't oversell us on bells and whistles for our sound system. They helped design a system that was unique for our space.

Sam Hanna, The Bakery District, Fort Smith, AR

January 2021

#Audio/Visual Sales

Professional and Commercial Audio/Visual Sales 

We're your trusted authorized dealer! 

Click the brand logos to learn more! 


Click the brand logos to learn more! 

Professional and Commercial Lighting Sales 

We're your trusted authorized dealer! 
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Rental Items

Professional and Commercial Rental

We're your trusted rental source 

Since 1997, we've provided equipment, technical assistance, and outstanding customer service. Rentals are local pick-up or local delivery and set-up from our Fort Smith AR facility.


Rental equipment availability changes due to scheduling and new additions. We encourage you to schedule your rental equipment as early as possible.


Don't see what you're looking for?

We might have it. Contact us! 

#Rent Audio

Audio Rental

Image of JBL VTX G28 at Annidale Sound
Yamaha CL5 FOH Clear.png
Front of Crown I-Tech & click for details
Crown I-Tech 4x3500 backpanel to click for info

Line Array Needs

  • JBL VTX V-20 

  • CROWN I-/TECH 4X3500HD


  • MOTION LABS 200A 3-Phase 12 Way A/B Power Distro

Subs & Amps

  • JBL VTX G-28

  • JBL SRX 728S Dual 18"

  • CROWN I-Tech 4X3500HD

  • CROWN I-Tech 12000HD


NOTE:  Some Line Array rentals require Annidale Technicians and Crew. 


  • DL32 Digital Mixing Stage Box

  • M32 Digital Live Mixing Console


  • CL5 FOH digital mixing console

  • QL5 FOH digital mixing console

  • TF5 FOH digital mixing console

  • Rio 32 Digital Stage Box

  • Rio 16

Harman JBL

  • AC28/26 Front Fill Compact Speaker (Low-profile Dual 8"w/Horn)

  • JBL SRX728S

  • JBL SRX722

  • JBL SRX718S

  • JBL PRX812W


  • JBL MRX512M

  • JBL MRX518S


  • I-Tech 4000 

  • XTi6002

  • I-Tech 4x3500HD

  • I-Tech 12000HD

  • XTi 4002

  • XTi 2002

Allen & Heath

  • MixWiz 16-channel analog mixer

  • ZED 8-channel analog mixer

  • ZED 4-channel analog mixer

  • ZED 2-channel analog mixer


  • SLX, PGX, LX wireless mic systems with capsules: SM58, B-58, and B-87

  • Bodypack, headset, or lavalier

  • Assorted SM & Beta microphones

  • Beta 181

  • Beta 52, 91, 58, 57, 87

  • SM58

  • SM57

  • SM94


  • e902

  • e906

  • e609

  • e604


  • D6


  • C451 B Microphone

  • D5

  • D7

Line Array speakers suspended from rafters
JBL SRX728S at Annidale Sound
Sennheiser e902 at Annidale Sound
#Rent Lighting

Lighting Rental

ChamSys Magic Q MQ40N Clear.png
  • ELATION PRO SixPar300IP w/18 LEDs 

  • CHAUVET Maverick Storm 1 Wash (Movers)

  • CHAUVET ChamSys Magic Q Compact MQ40N Console

  • HIGH END SYSTEMS Road Hog 4 Lighting Console

  • MA LIGHTING GrandMA2 onPC 

Elation SixPar 300IP and 2 smaller lights
#Stage Rental

Staging Rental

Power Distros

  • MOTION LABS 200A 3-Phase 12 Way A/B Power Distro

  • 100 amp single-phase custom power distro

Hoist/Motors & Jacks

  • STAGEMAKER One-ton Hoist with 70' Chain


Quik Stage

  • Decks 4'x8', indoor/outdoor

  • Steps with handles

  • 9-foot ramp

  • Multiple leg sizes

  • Black skirting 

  • Up to 32'x24' stage

  • Drum riser

  • Optional sun or rain-proof top/cover

  • Leg clamps

  • Stairs

Accessories & More

  • Fog and haze liquid

  • Gaffers tape

  • Windscreens

  • Digital audio snakes

  • Wireless mic systems

  • Microphones, stands, booms

  • Speaker stands

  • Direct boxes (active & passive)

  • Cabling

Don't see what you're looking for?

We might have it. Contact us! 

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