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Community Bible Church Fort Smith Campus Lights Up Live Streaming

Updated: May 17, 2021

This state-of-the-art upgrade provides a flexible lighting system TV-ready for CBC's growing live stream congregation and a pleasing atmosphere for worshipers in the sanctuary.

CBC Fort Smith Campus is an active, forward-thinking ministry and is one campus of four Community Bible Churches in the Arkansas River Valley area. CBC's unified mission is to reach people. Annidale has had the privilege of working with the Fort Smith Campus for over eight years and assisting them as they carefully moved forward to reach and accommodate their growing congregation.

As 2020 changed the world, so changed CBC Fort Smith Campus's needs to carry forward its mission to reach people. In-house and live stream productions were well-received; however, CBC knew they could do better and offer more to the people they serve.

The Challenge

The Annidale team met with Donnie Todd, Worship Pastor/Associate Pastor, of CBC Fort Smith Campus. CBC had choices but knew their challenge was to make sure this first step forward would powerfully impact their long-range goals. Not so simple, but the decision could make all the difference in the world.

The Decision

The spacious rotunda-style sanctuary is multi-functional and literally sets the stage for all in-person and live stream broadcast worship activities. For these reasons, CBC required a flexible lighting system upgrade that was TV-ready for their rapidly-growing live stream congregation and pleasing for the assembly in the sanctuary.

The Choices

Annidale selected Elation state-of-the-art professional lighting to handle this upgrade install and ensure that future addition could easily acclimate to the design.

WW Profile HP warm-white LED ellipsoidal spots, all fitted with PHD19 Degree high-definition enhanced lens were selected. These suspend from custom-designed overhead truss systems and serve as FOH key and backlighting on the stage.

To coordinate and control data relative to each light, we chose Elation's Opto Branch 4 DMX, a 4-way distributor/booster, to ensure uninterrupted electronic data movement.

This distributor/booster is an excellent choice when lighting fixtures are in different locations and not easily incorporated in one daisy chain of data transmission. The result is uninterrupted data transfer.

Learn more about Dan Parks, our Master Electrician, who is up in the lift working.

The Wrap

Community Bible Church Fort Smith Campus has been committed to reaching, inspiring, and comforting all of their congregation, whether in-person or through live stream broadcast worship activities. The results of this project have enhanced church activities and lifted the space to a new level.

After the lighting install and the first live stream broadcast, Donnie Todd shared the excitement of a congregant, "Man, it looks great! Did we get new cameras?" and Todd said, "No. We got new lights."

ANNIDALE is proud of our continued and on-going relationship with the Community Bible Church Fort Smith Campus.

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