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JJ'sLive: Annidale Sound Delivers Unsurpassed Control and Performance

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

JJ'sLive opened its doors on September 2, 2021, right on schedule! And did they ever let the good times roll as the sold-out crowd filled the newly renovated concert scene and welcomed the Gold Chain Cowboy, Parker McCollum, and his rock-roots country music!

The beginning of this opening night story goes back almost two years! JJ'sLive, formerly JBGB, a northwest Arkansas favorite that boasted concerts, burgers, and half-price pizza Wednesdays, initially opened in the spring of 2017. Social media posts ended on the upbeat "We'll see you at JBGB," or a syncopated off-beat "Stay tuned for more weather updates..."

The Decision

In late 2019 JBGB owner Jody Thornton and music director, Jeff Fox decided to close the doors and do what weather forecasters couldn't do. Control the uncontrollable.

They literally thumbed their noses to the weather, broadened their horizon, and declared that nothing (including a worldwide pandemic) could stop them! They would take all the good things their audiences loved--and put them on steroids!

But transforming a beloved outdoor stage into an indoor entertainment extravaganza that everybody would love even more came with some early pushback. Jody often found himself explaining his decision to longtime customers who lamented, "I loved this place so much, not to mention it's different than anywhere else!"

Yes, outdoor concerts are amazing, but the weather, "too hot, too cold, too wet, too noisy," limited opportunities to better serve their faithful customers! Jody and Jeff would rebrand JBGB and open JJ'sLive with indoor and outdoor venue transformations with the capabilities to attract national talent and sold-out events year-round!

Jody and his wife Myriah diligently kept their customers updated with regular social media posts. They showcased the familiar stage until construction began on the new stage and explained the why of JJ's LIVE... "LIVE because it encompasses everything we are going to be! LIVE because we will be THE Northwest Arkansas entertainment destination." Jody and Myriah

The Challenge

The crew at Annidale Sound felt the excitement and enthusiasm of this longtime client, and they listened!

The new JJ'sLive would be a project involving multiple contractors, new construction, and remodeling. Creating an environment for various levels and distances of audience seating and

location while preserving the integrity of a building with iconic customer-familiar structures would require innovation and imagination.

The Choices: Audio

Sound abatement and control of echo and reverberation are especially critical in loud, uncontrolled environments like the large, angled, and multi-level layout planned for the JJ'sLive renovation.

JJ'sLive was all in with our recommendation to bring in Amarillo, Texas-based Perdue Acoustics to design, build, and install acoustic treatments. They specialize in controlling sound and eliminating echoes and loud, uncontrolled noises in churches, schools, athletic facilities, concert halls, and other music venues. All custom-designed and manufactured to meet the aesthetic requirements of Jody and Jay's project!

Perdue recommended their patented Wedge Series Diffsorbers, designed to minimize bothersome high frequencies, as well as the "boomy" low frequencies that cause the most hearing damage. Located high on the walls, these custom-designed wedged panels also work well as a "bass trap" and are easily sized to fit specific spaces.

Annidale selected the JBL VTX V20 line array speakers for their advanced technology and format that allow for more speakers to handle the precise configuration for the angles and levels required for multiple audience seating and gathering options. The high power density 3-way system and a new suspension system allow the accurate configuration for stable horizontal and vertical coverage. All in a compact, easier to use design!

JBL SRX728S FOH passive 2-way subwoofers were chosen for their ability to handle and enhance the quality of the live listening experience! Low octaves are delivered with ease, so listeners in every area experience the full depth and clarity of low-frequency tones and feel even the lowest notes from a large pipe organ, a kick drum, a six-string bass guitar, or other dramatic sound effects.

FOH and monitor consoles include Yamaha's CL5, QL5, and TF5 series digital mixing consoles combined with Yamaha RIO digital snake boxes. These combinations offer touring productions excellence in live sound production and control while allowing fast, complicated mix adjustments without complex menus, all-in-one mixing, Dante network functionality, and always effortless operation and remarkable sound!

JJ'sLive helps make performers' rider questions easier with their website listing important and ever-expanding TechSpecs. Matching national touring acts' requirements with their in-house equipment sets the stage for a well-run performance and encourages national acts to line up to get on stages of this quality.

The Choices: Lighting

Annidale's installation of JJ'sLive's Elation professional lighting gave versatility and the WOW factor that immediately catches the eye of high-caliber national touring acts already vying for show dates.

The combination of Elation technology in the P5R rotating-head lamps, the high output, cool light Fuze Wash LED system, SixPar LEDs, and ACL moving light bars give the stage a lighting range and flexibility seldom seen in venues this intimate! Electronic strobe, dimming, great color mixing, flicker-free operation for TV and film, and gobo optics to control projected light shapes.

Making it All Work Together

JJ'sLive includes100 AMP 3-PHASE CAM LOCK TIE-IN systems that make it "ready to go" for lighting and audio. No interference, no buzzing, no worry. System-trained specialists, including A1 Audio Engineers, are brought in by JJ'sLive and Annidale to work with the artists, equipment, and technology to ensure consistent, high-quality production.

The Wrap

Each act JJ'sLive books brings with them specific rider requests that typically preclude many venues from accommodating top national touring performers. Annidale, JJ'sLive, and trusted world-class sound, lighting, and staging PRO equipment keep national acts actively vying to schedule bookings.

ANNIDALE is proud of the continued relationship between JJ'sLive, Perdue Acoustics, our network of specialists, and trusted PRO equipment providers.


Got Questions?

Have you got a project, new construction, remodel, or an equipment upgrade you've been putting off? Are you on the board or committee for an upcoming festival or event? Let's find out how we can help you. Click here to contact us Should you choose Annidale Sound for your PRO sound, lighting, and staging production or renovation? Here are some excellent reasons to choose us!

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